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Cross the biggest river in Europe!
July 15th 2017
Nizhniy Novgorod City, Russia
1, 3, 5 KM

What’s a Challenge?

Take part in an exciting event for all swimming abilities and cross the Volga, largest river in Europe. Being 3530 km long, it has a system that covers of about 1,350,000 square kilometers what equals an area of Germany, France and Italy all together. Challenge the powerful current of wild Russian river!


There are three routes for participants of different levels. Any swimmer can take part in the short distance (1 km), the medium (3 km) and the long distance races (5 km) are for experienced swimmers and pro. To finish 1km route you will need to cross the river in the narrowest point.

3 km and 5 km distances run along the flow of the river. All distances have one finish gate on the embankment near the monument “Boat-hero" in the city centre.

Success story 2016


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How to get here
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A lot of foreigners need a visa to visit Russia. You can visa request via tour agency but it is more expensive. You may also get it by yourself following our instructions.

There are five steps:
  1. Here you can check if a citizen of your country needs a Russian visa.
  2. Get the invitation by our official visa partner online usually it costs $25 (depends on your country). If you buy a tour package with registration to the swim, you get it for free.
  3. Find the Russian Consulate or Visa application center (such as VFS Global) in your area, here is the list.
  4. Collect your documents following the list provided by the Consulate and submit it. The usual Consular fee is €35, and service charge could be about €27 per person.

You can get visa either before or after your registration to the race.
For the first time we promise you to make a refund of the paid entry fee in case of visa refusal.

Feel free to question us
Nizhny Novgorod is well connected to all major cities in Europe and Asia. You can buy a round flight with one change in Moscow for about €250.

You may also want to visit such great cities as Moscow or Saint Petersburg. Speed train from Moscow to N. Novgorod takes 4 hours and costs from €20 one way. It departs several times a day.

We recommend taking a flight from Saint Petersburg. It costs from €100 for a round trip and takes less than 2 hours.

Nizhny Novgorod is a big city and there are all the tourist services you usually need: Uber,, Airbnb, Mc’Donalds :-). Most of the merchants in the city accept VISA or MasterCard. We recommend international chain hotels, so you will find English speaking assistance there.

You can contact us any time if you have questions.

Feel free to question us



Time Action Place
8 a.m.- 12:30 p.m.  Issuance of start packages  Registration Tents 
1 p.m.  Briefing. Attendance is mandatory for all participants!
Swimmers in 1 km should be dressed and ready to start.
Swimmers at 3 and 5 km should be dressed in swimsuits (under the outerwear). Don’t forget wetsuits and everything else for the start.  
Main Stage 
1:30 p.m.  Transfer to start for swimmers of all distances.
1 km - the ship.
3 and 5 km - buses.  
1 km - wharf
3 km - parking
5 km - "bus stop" next to the Chkalov stairs  
3 p.m.  Start of the distance 1 km  Beach of Mochalny Island 
3 p.m.  Start of the distance 5 km  Meshchersky Beach 
3:30 p.m.  Start of the distance 3 km  Secret Beach 
6:30 p.m.  Awarding  Main Stage 
7 p.m.  Embankment Party  Main Stage 
The race committee
Александр Базанов

Alexander Bazanov

Inspirer of the project

The organizer of sports and business events, marathoner, swimming coach, father of two children

+7 910 389 27 66


Марат Богдалов

Marat Bogdalov

GR Officer

Runner, dancer, fighter, ATCM PCM coach


Андрей Миндрюков

Andrey Mindryukov

Chief Customer Officer

The father of the son, the swimmer, the full time DIYer


Сергей Рыбкин

Sergey Rybkin

Chief Interface Officer

Designer, traveller, triathlete, father of two daughters


Title Sponsor

The German company STADA AG carries out activities in three main areas: R&D, production and marketing of pharmaceuticals.

The Russian portfolio includes more than 400 products of various ATC-classes and dosage forms manufactured by the leading international and domestic pharmaceutical companies, among which is NIZHPHARM - the largest manufacturer of semi-solid dosage forms in the country.

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